skywalk map

During our field trip on Tuesday, Jan 15, you’ll walk with your partner in downtown Spokane, both on the skywalk and sidewalk levels.

You’ll each write a 250ish word dispatch in which you “map” the experience. Feel free to include graphics, too.

Our friend wikipedia prefers to call skywalks “skyways”: “In an urban setting, a skywaycatwalksky bridge, or skywalk is a type of pedway consisting of an enclosedor covered bridge between two buildings. This protects pedestrians from the weather. These skyways are usually owned by businesses, and are therefore not public spaces (compare with sidewalk).”

Pedway! Now there’s a Scrabble word.

For more info on Spokane skywalks, check out this adorable Spokesman story from 1984. The fonts alone may break your heart.

Here’s a column about whether or not Spokane’s skywalks exacerbate divisions among social classes.

The map at the top of this post is from here.

Here’s a good map of downtown, skywalks included.